Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tape Typography: "Urban Prankster" Aakash Nihalani

Aakash Nihalani also known as the "Urban Prankster" because of his funny way of making art is an American street artist who has no respect for the cops. Sprinting away from the police, working in the shadows is a part of his job when he creates the most interesting and unique streetart in New York I've ever seen. Using neon colored tape on sidewalks and public surfaces he creates 3-D boxes which make you think they're real and touchable, but they're just confusing illusions in the middle of a crowded metropole. His work is currently viewed all over the NY city, well if it's not been removed by the street-cleaning. He also takes his time creating installations in road daylight and makes videos of the process and even uses his real name.
 Most of his work can bee seen on the streets and in the subway of downtown Manhatten and Brooklyn.
He started working on the street about three years ago and cannot stop ceating his street art.
When the cops or the maintenance staff catches him he asks them to wait untill he have taken a quick foto of the artwork before they start taking it down and most of the time they even let him. Sometimes the maintenance staff even passes by him without saying anything if he's lucy or the cops just approach him to give positive feedback.

Check out his homepage for more:


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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

House Of Harlow

My favourite pieces from House of Harlow

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Designer: Fred Butler

Fred Butler, an amazing graduate of fashion design from the University of Brighton, 2003. After her studies she assisted set desginer Shona Heath and worked as a freelancer designing accessories. Fred has developed a clientele of musicians and signature pieces have been used on the album cover artwork for Patrick Wolf and tour accesories for Little Boots and Sigur Rós. Also Lady Gaga, The Gossip and Marina and the Diamonds are a part of her clientele. For both of her A/W 2009 and S/S 2010 she won New Gen sponsorship from the British Fashion Council showing her collection in the Exhibition.

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Coming soon: "Kellies" by Las Kellies

 I think I just fell in love! Seriously! This Argentinian trio "Las Kellies" are releasing a new album "Kellies" on the 29th of July 2011 in Europe (in only three days!!!). I actually know nothing about argentinian bands, but I know that one day the music of this garage-rock band will be in my LP-collection pretty soon.
the new album "Kellies" by Las Kellies
Las Kellies are: Ceci Kelly, guitar and vocals; Betty Kelly, bass and vocals; Sil Kelly, drums and vocals.
The three girls started in 2005 when they met on a gig in Buenos Aires and decided to form their own band and borrowed their friend's amps and instruments. Their third album, Kellies - released by Fire Records and mixed by Dennis Bovell, sees Las Kellies mixing catchy garage sounds with dub and post-punk. The album has even got an 8/10 in NME and a 4/5 in BUZZ.
Singing in Spanish, English, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Catalan and French, Las Kellies spent several years ensuring their prominence on the Argentinian music scene. With their first record, Shaking Dog! (2007), they created an irresistible blend of raw, spicy rock that owes as much to old rock and roll as it does the Raincoats, which turned out to be a veritable birthday party of a record.
In 2009 their second independent record, Kalimera, was released. That same year Las Kellies took the new, tighter songs on their first international tour, Rocking the Old World, unleashing their infectious energy onto Europe with their garage rhythms, teasing impertinence and all-out fun live shows.

see more in press:

The 405:

or visit their:

official site:


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New Album: "The English Riviera" by Metronomy

Yes! They've finally brought out a new album called " The English Riviera" which was released on the 15th of April 2011. Well, I should actually have noticed that earlier, but I was probably busy while still listening to their old records "Pip Pain" and "Nights out" which I never get tired of.
They have left their so called Laptop-Pop and instead Metronomy have produced "The English Riviera" which is a mixture of 80s Pop sounds and a touch of Softrock. This is what I would call a summer-album. But don't worry, all of you synthetic sound lovers, the electronic background sounds which are typical Metronomy-like aren't gone. They can't only be enjoyed on "Pip Pain" and "Nights Out" but also on "The English Riviera".
"The English Riviera" by Metronomy (what a nice cover)
 After listening to their third album, I would say that the British boys and the coolest drummer ever Anna Prior (drummer since 2009) from Metronomy have rapidly developed to a really experienced band. I didn't expect them to develop in such a way, that they would keep their typical synthetic "Metronomy-sounds" and still be able to produce a great album which sounds much different than the former ones. Great job guys!

(Sorry for missing your performance of "Nights Out" on the Dockville Festival 2009. I still regret that I followed my friends who brought me to stupid Frittenbude instead. That was the biggest mistake of my life!!)

For more information about Metronomy

their official site:


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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lomography "Daybreak F+"

Check out the new Lomography camera "Daybreak F+" seen on Urban Outfitters. I never knew which camera was my favourite, but I think now it is this one because of it's lovely peachy colored body.


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Taaaaaaaall on Yves Saint Laurent Tribtoos

These shoes from Yves Saint Laurent are really one of the most beautifull pumps I've seen. They're very tall, very simple and yet they don't make you look cheap, instead they make you look more elegant and classy. But not if you aren't used to wear 14 cm high pumps with a 4 cm thick platform, of course;-)

1. ysl tribtoo etched-leather pumps. / 2. ysl tribtoo metallic leather pumps / 3. ysl tribtoo sued platform pumps / 4. ysl tribtoo stitch-detailed leather pumps

Here you can my faavourite tribtoo from different views

All seen on Net-a-porter


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Must have: Diane von Furstenberg Clutches

Who wouldn't like one of these cute clutches from the belgian-american fashiondesigner Diane von Furstenberg. They are the perfect accessorie for any party.

LEFT: dvf toda seen on shopbob - RIGHT: dvf lytton seen on net-a-porter


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Moleskine Artist Marketplace

Do you also belong to those creative people who don't use the inside of a scrap or notebook but instead you always draw weird things on the cover or glue self-made collages on the outside of them???
Then the Moleskine Artist Marketplace is a perfect place for you!!! - Buy a costumized Moleskine notebook from an artist or design your own Moleskine notebook and sell to someone else.
You can use any material, any colors, any style.... whatever you want to use designing your own Moleskine notebook which you want to make somebody happy with.

How to sell or buy (klick on the link for more information)

Check out my favourite artworks

"Another War" by Dominnic Damien  from the USA

"South Being" by Andrea Posada from Colombia

"Aquarium" by rcannonp from the USA

Have fun creating you own Moleskine notebook

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Acne Pre A/W 2011 collection

Here are some impressions of Acne's newest collection
left: worth poplin shirt + romantic l wo skirt - right: wonder f str shirt + best leather paw11

left: copy new classic tee + macau denim pleated trouser - right: worth poplin shirt + rina felt straight coat + romantic felt mini skirt + mini studs
left: dina polka single sleeved jersey dress - right: macau wool trousers + wish new plain sleveless blouse + rita leather motorcycle jacket
left: dina ishtar single sleeved silk dress - right: with you silk tunic + best leater paw11
left: wish new plain sleeveless blouse + fana snap duffle coat + best leather paw11 - right: daria ishtar silk dress
left: farrah melange barrel coat + copy new classic tee + romantic lea gathered mini - right: romantic felt mini skirt + worth print blouse
left: worth poplin blouse + romantic felt mini skirt + mini studs denim jacket - right: ruth mohair sweater + best leather paw11

Vist the Acne Studios to see the whole collection

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Music tip: Sondre Lerche

For the commng fall months which are already on their way to us.
The new album "Sondre Lerche" by the Norwegian singer, guitarist and songwriter Sondre Lerche is comming soon to Europe. On the 5th of September his newest album "Sondre Lerche" will finally be released here in Europe!                                                                                         
The sound of his new album is a mixture of clear indiepop, electric guitar chords and his relaxing nice voice. The best album for the coming rainy cozy days.
According to Lerche's official website the new album contains a "raw, spontaneous, instinctive and heartfelt sound"
Sondre Lerche was born in Bergen, Norway, on the 5th of September 1982 and was influenced by the 80s pop when he grew up. He started playing the guitar at the age of eight and wrote his first song "Locust Girl" at the age of fourteen and performed as an underage at a club where his sister was working.

Lerche says much of the music reflects the local environment.

"Since it was written in New York, it's more confrontational in the lyrics," he says. "In the past, my records were more reveries, asking the question of who you would want to be. This record is more concerned with trying to figure out what's real, with daring to deal with things as they actually are." 

  1. “Ricochet”
  2. “Private Caller”
  3. “Red Flags”
  4. “Go Right Ahead”
  5. “Coliseum Town”
  6. “Never Mind The Typos”
  7. “Domino”
  8. “Living Dangerously”
  9. “Tied Up To The Tide”
  10. “When The River”
  11. "Guilty" - Amazon Exclusive Track
Visit his
official website -
myspace site -

Enjoy his music,

Friday, July 22, 2011

Vanessa Bruno Athe

These beautiful new items at Urban Outfitters are designed by Vanessa Bruno and are the perfect match for the comming fall season 2011. This is my favourite time of the year. Not only because my bithday is in September, but because I love tugging myself into warm pullovers, knitted socks, warm blankets and just feeling cozy while enjoying my hot chocolate on the couch on a rainy cold friday evening. I can't wait till fall and it's lovely colors.


Must Have: delicate bracelets

1. adjustable grey/pink braided nylon bracelet from schosha / 2. goldplated silver pendant from vanrycke / 3. black/cream braided linen/nylon blend from scosha / 4. faceted bread and coin bracelet from orelia / 5. skinny elastic wristband with nuggets from asos / 6. love charm bracelet from kitson


Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Magic Of L'Amour by Arnoux

A new release by the italian Megaphone Records.
The illustration of this album cover was created by Alessandro Maffioletti
This second album by Arnoux was released just two months ago and was produced by Enrico Berto and Arnoux. The nice synthetic relaxing sounds mixed with instrumental accompaniment, electric guitar and a wonderful manly singing voice was recorded in the middle of nowhere, well somewhere in the Alps in the Mushroom Studio (Lunghet, Italy) and in the Spiderland Studio.
Their new album is really my favourite in the moment for relaxing evenings and enjoying the summer.
You can download it for free at their homepage:
Order one of thier limited edition T-shirt + The Magic Of L'amour CD-R for 16 €. But you have to be quick! Shipping starts from june and there are only 50 of them!

So what's your favourite song from this album? Mine ist definitely "Animal Beat/ Earth Heat"
Listen to it here:
I love those kind of weird but relaxing bird and earthy sound in the backgound.

Enjoy it!