Saturday, July 23, 2011

Music tip: Sondre Lerche

For the commng fall months which are already on their way to us.
The new album "Sondre Lerche" by the Norwegian singer, guitarist and songwriter Sondre Lerche is comming soon to Europe. On the 5th of September his newest album "Sondre Lerche" will finally be released here in Europe!                                                                                         
The sound of his new album is a mixture of clear indiepop, electric guitar chords and his relaxing nice voice. The best album for the coming rainy cozy days.
According to Lerche's official website the new album contains a "raw, spontaneous, instinctive and heartfelt sound"
Sondre Lerche was born in Bergen, Norway, on the 5th of September 1982 and was influenced by the 80s pop when he grew up. He started playing the guitar at the age of eight and wrote his first song "Locust Girl" at the age of fourteen and performed as an underage at a club where his sister was working.

Lerche says much of the music reflects the local environment.

"Since it was written in New York, it's more confrontational in the lyrics," he says. "In the past, my records were more reveries, asking the question of who you would want to be. This record is more concerned with trying to figure out what's real, with daring to deal with things as they actually are." 

  1. “Ricochet”
  2. “Private Caller”
  3. “Red Flags”
  4. “Go Right Ahead”
  5. “Coliseum Town”
  6. “Never Mind The Typos”
  7. “Domino”
  8. “Living Dangerously”
  9. “Tied Up To The Tide”
  10. “When The River”
  11. "Guilty" - Amazon Exclusive Track
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