Friday, November 23, 2012

Lloyd Simmonds - put on my make-up, please!

Dear Lloyd Simmonds can't I put you in my make-up kit and carry you with me everyday? Waking up at 6 am from monday to friday doesn't make it so easy to put on make-up or even to get proper looking clothes on. BUT if make-up artist Lloyd Simmonds would be there for you every morning a girl's life would be so much easier!

Since 2010 the canadian artist Lloyd Simmonds works as creative director for YSL-Beauté and is responsible for the development  of the make-up collections. Before that the 50-year old make-up artist used to work as a visagist for different shootings and campaigns.
Becoming a make-up artist was more of a coincidence. Growing up in a small canadian town Simmonds wanted to become a ballett dancer and studied at the Royal Winnigpeg Ballett school. Unfortunately his dream of a dancing career was over after he unluckily had a complicated bone fracture at an accident on slippery street.
Through the preperations for auditions and shows Simmonds became fond of putting on make-up and was thinking of making this line to his career. "Since I was fifteen I have been reading fashion magazines. I'm obsessed with fashion photography by "Penn" and " Avedon" and if I won't become a photographer then I can at least become a make-up artist, to be a part of the crowd"(source: Vogue Germany).

Thanks for reading