Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Album: "The English Riviera" by Metronomy

Yes! They've finally brought out a new album called " The English Riviera" which was released on the 15th of April 2011. Well, I should actually have noticed that earlier, but I was probably busy while still listening to their old records "Pip Pain" and "Nights out" which I never get tired of.
They have left their so called Laptop-Pop and instead Metronomy have produced "The English Riviera" which is a mixture of 80s Pop sounds and a touch of Softrock. This is what I would call a summer-album. But don't worry, all of you synthetic sound lovers, the electronic background sounds which are typical Metronomy-like aren't gone. They can't only be enjoyed on "Pip Pain" and "Nights Out" but also on "The English Riviera".
"The English Riviera" by Metronomy (what a nice cover)
 After listening to their third album, I would say that the British boys and the coolest drummer ever Anna Prior (drummer since 2009) from Metronomy have rapidly developed to a really experienced band. I didn't expect them to develop in such a way, that they would keep their typical synthetic "Metronomy-sounds" and still be able to produce a great album which sounds much different than the former ones. Great job guys!

(Sorry for missing your performance of "Nights Out" on the Dockville Festival 2009. I still regret that I followed my friends who brought me to stupid Frittenbude instead. That was the biggest mistake of my life!!)

For more information about Metronomy

their official site: http://www.metronomy.co.uk/
myspace: http://www.myspace.com/metronomy


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