Monday, May 13, 2013

Mixed bracelet bunch

Oh where has my motivation gone? Sometimes there are days when you just want to do nothing. Just hang aroung in your bed with with your favorite person, listening to your favorite band or watching your favorite series. Recently I've deeply fallen into this phase, but I'm slowly getting out of it. As a motivation and also just to get around town, I rode my bicycle to the other end of Berlin to this lovely shop called Kauf Dich Gl├╝cklich in the Kastanienallee, Berlin and enjoyed the lovely weather, the delayed start of spring. As in one of my first posts "delicate bracelets" it's obvious how I love thin bracelets. So after a long long time of searching for the right bracelets I got myself these ones and to cure my cold I got myself some lemon green tea, too.

Have a lovely monday evening!