Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tape Typography: "Urban Prankster" Aakash Nihalani

Aakash Nihalani also known as the "Urban Prankster" because of his funny way of making art is an American street artist who has no respect for the cops. Sprinting away from the police, working in the shadows is a part of his job when he creates the most interesting and unique streetart in New York I've ever seen. Using neon colored tape on sidewalks and public surfaces he creates 3-D boxes which make you think they're real and touchable, but they're just confusing illusions in the middle of a crowded metropole. His work is currently viewed all over the NY city, well if it's not been removed by the street-cleaning. He also takes his time creating installations in road daylight and makes videos of the process and even uses his real name.
 Most of his work can bee seen on the streets and in the subway of downtown Manhatten and Brooklyn.
He started working on the street about three years ago and cannot stop ceating his street art.
When the cops or the maintenance staff catches him he asks them to wait untill he have taken a quick foto of the artwork before they start taking it down and most of the time they even let him. Sometimes the maintenance staff even passes by him without saying anything if he's lucy or the cops just approach him to give positive feedback.

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