Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Magic Of L'Amour by Arnoux

A new release by the italian Megaphone Records.
The illustration of this album cover was created by Alessandro Maffioletti
This second album by Arnoux was released just two months ago and was produced by Enrico Berto and Arnoux. The nice synthetic relaxing sounds mixed with instrumental accompaniment, electric guitar and a wonderful manly singing voice was recorded in the middle of nowhere, well somewhere in the Alps in the Mushroom Studio (Lunghet, Italy) and in the Spiderland Studio.
Their new album is really my favourite in the moment for relaxing evenings and enjoying the summer.
You can download it for free at their homepage:
Order one of thier limited edition T-shirt + The Magic Of L'amour CD-R for 16 €. But you have to be quick! Shipping starts from june and there are only 50 of them!

So what's your favourite song from this album? Mine ist definitely "Animal Beat/ Earth Heat"
Listen to it here:
I love those kind of weird but relaxing bird and earthy sound in the backgound.

Enjoy it!

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