Sunday, June 8, 2014

PLACES: Ancient Town in Hoi An - Vietnam

The Ancient Town of Hoi An is the most romantic place in Vietnam I can think of. Hoi An is located on the coat of the East Sea in the South Central region of Vietnam. I was here in mid May and the climate was hot and humid and not really the best time for visiting this beautiful town but still I spent three enjoyable days here. The cheapest hostel here is probably the Sunflower Hotel which is located about 10 min. by bicycle from the Ancient Town. It's not the best place to stay if you are not into partying and you prefer a surrounding of Vietnamese culture and more serious travelers but it is cheap and the dorm rooms are just o.k. for a few days stay. And I should probably not forget to mention the included amazing breakfast buffet!
The best way to get around Hoi An is by bicycle or scooter if you want to get to the nearby beaches.
Try to avoid the heat during day time if you as well decide to come here before rainy season when the temperature can reach up to 40 degrees  Celsius. This place is the hot spot if you want anything to be tailored for a cheap price and no matter what you want! Visit on of the many tailors which you can find at every corner of Hoi An's Ancieint Town and bring enough time with you because choosing the right dress, suit, shoes, jacket, etc. can take a loooong time if you see their huge collection of patterns, materials and colors. The many possibilities make it so hard to make the right decision. I chose a pair of red leather shoes and a pair of trekking pants which were finish the next day. It's unbelievable how fast they finish all the orders in just one day.
When evening comes it's the perfect time to discover the town. It's the time when all the beautiful street lanterns turn on, vendors get out on the street to sell souvenirs and local people come out to spend time with family and friends.

- AJ -