Wednesday, February 26, 2014

LIFE: Kuala Lumpur - Cocktails on a helipad

Why do you have to go to a regular bar to have a drink if you can have a drink on a helipad above Kuala Lumpur's busy town? Go to the 34th floor of the Menara KH in the late afternoon early evening, order a drink for 25 MYR and then go up the stairs to the helipad and enjoy the view feeling like a metropolitan princess spoiled with cocktails. But don't forget to dress up chic or else you might feel totally under dressed compares to the others.


PS. This is a secret tip I got from a friend, so don't tell everyone or else the helipad will be over-crowded

Monday, February 24, 2014

PHOTO: Kuala Lumpur - Impressions

Yaaaaaayy! New Country, new stamps in my passport!! Welcome to Malaysia, welcome to Kuala Lumpur. What a contrast to the beaches I've been to just two days ago.


PLACES: Ko Phi Phi and around

Take a speedboat and discover Ko Phi Phi Don, go snorkeling, have a pick nick at Maya Bay, take pictures of Monkeys at Monkey Island and pass by the tiny Islands around and be astonished by the scenery of enormous rocks.


Friday, February 21, 2014

PEOPLE: Rah, Ko Lanta

Rah (38) barkeeper at Tree House and waiter at Funky Fish. Ko Lanta, Thailand

Why do you live here?
- I came here about 10 years ago to work for my uncle. I stayed here a week and always came back to work for him. I liked it so much that I decided to stay on Ko Lanta.

What do you like the most about Ko Lanta?
- The beach and nature.

What don't you like on Ko Lanta?
- That there are many young Thai people and travelers here who are involved in drug consume.

What are the three most important things in your life?
- Thai boxing, friends and nature.

What do you advise travelers to do on Ko Lanta?
- Enjoy the beach and eat a lot of sea food.

 Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
- I have no plan. No complain, no worries and just enjoy each day. 

Thank you!

PHOTO: Ko Lanta - Impressions

Funky Fish. Tree House, Clazy House, beach, sun set

PLACES: Ko Lanta - Chill Out House

Finding the perfect hostel is almost impossible if you have certain expectations. So concentrating on your budget or the facilities is one way to look for a hostel that fits you the best. I don"t recommend to rely on Lonely Planet all the time concerning places to sleep or eat although I do agree that they do really good travel guides for budget travelers and backpackers. But if you really want to be sure to book the right hostel then better ask other travelers during your journey for some hints. Communication with others is so important because travel tips are the best when they come from people who have already been to the places which are on your coming travel path.
An other good network is which my Dad recommended me. I'm not a huge fan of concerning low budget hostels because most of the users aren't in my age group an mostly have higher expectations than backpackers with less money.
I found our hostel on Ko Lanta through and immediately booked 4 nights after reading the ratings and after I saw the cheap price, the facilities and the pictures. I didn't have many expectations because I rarely spend time at the hostel during day time. For me they are just a place to sleep or to have a rest. 
From Ko Samui to Ko Lanta it took us 14 hours, a bus, a ferry, two other buses, a pick up truck, a mini van and two ferries and 750 THB.
After that terrible trip we finally arrived at Chill Out House which really is a house to chill at. It's better than I thought and the most adventurous hostel I've been to. Arriving there late at the evening a very nice French guy called Julian introduced us to the hostel and showed us around. It's made out of two big bamboo huts on stills which were bought 1,5 years ago by the owner Marilyn who is a very kind lady from California who decided to settle on Ko Lanta after traveling through Thailand. A friend of hers who is a building engineer helped her rebuilding and connecting the huts to make them more stable. The dorms are in these huts and beneath is the bar. 
I only recommend this accommodation to those who don't really need any kind of luxurious place and who prefer living in pure nature, showering with cold water (and small animals climbing up the shower hahaha) and having sand beneath the feet all the time. Living at Chill Out House makes you more chilled out than you have ever been and you learn how to manage your daily life without much materialism. There are no real beds, just a mattress on the bamboo floor, a mosquito net above it and no air con. No concrete walls, windows or warm water. This is life in nature.
The beach is just 70 m away and there's a small drug store at the next corner. So don't worry you won't starve or feel totally isolated from the rest of the world. 
When ever coming to Ko Lanta you should think of staying here!

PS. There's also a tattoo and piercing studio at the hostel run by a Thai guy called "Arm" for those who are crazy and brave enough to get e special remembrance from the COH.

PPS. "Arm"'s little baby boy Jaydon also chills at the COH all day long so don't get bothered by his cute baby screaming s and crying.

- AJ -