Monday, November 4, 2013

BEAUTY: Don't stop if there's still a drop - Empty bottles and tubes.

I would say that I've been very experimental in the last few months concerning beauty products while trying to figure out what is the best for my hair and skin. But it's obviously not as easy as I thought it would be but I've definitely learned a bit more about the ideal beauty buy. These are the products I've been using regularly in the the last two or three months and which didn't disappoint me.

First of all I was craving for finding the perfect facial treatment and accepted my aunt's hint on trying out Clinique. At first I was a bit over strained by their multifaceted offers of facial products sorted in different facial treatment series and again sorted in different product types. But once you spend a bit time in researching you get to find out which care products you need. I never have problems in finding out what skin type I am, because I've had the same problem since years. Blemishes.

1// I immediately decided to try out the 3-Step Anti-Blemish Solutions series containing the Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleaning Foam which I really recommend. It's a really light cleanser which can easily be applied and spread on the skin without needing much water. After rinsing with warm water the face feels smooth and not too dry as many cleansers do after rinsing it off the skin. I didn't have the feeling at all that it was aggressive to my skin or that my skin felt tight. But you should definitely remove your make-up beforehand or else the cleanser has no use at all because the nutritive substances can't enrich your skin and you would mix all the dirt and make-up with the cleanser onto your face. Well of course that doesn't make any sense at all.

2// So to remove my make-up I use the Bioderma Sébium H20. I swear I've never found something as good as this. I'm already emptying the second 500ml bottle. The make-up removes quickly and makes you feel clean. After removing make-up and cleansing the face I was recommended by the friendly saleslady at the Clinique counter to use an exfoliator afterwards to remove the dead skin cells. Well, this is the step 2 of the 3-Step concept but I should have left this out and instead have done a twice-a-week facial peeling instead. So doing what the saleslady recommended I of course purchased the over-expensive Clinique Anti-Blemish-Soutions Clarifying Lotion. This was the last time I will ever purchase this again. I didn't even get the reason why exfoliating the skin everyday should be good cause it seemed to be too aggressive for the facial skin due to it's sensitiveness. And I should have thought of this before! After strictly following the recommendation hoping for improvement of my skin, it just became worse. So using the cleanser which I'm really satisfied with didn't really have any use when afterwards the exfoliator just worsen the face issue. Next time I'll think twice.

3+4// But for moisturizing after cleaning and before applying make-up I do recommend the Bioderma Sébium AI cream and before going to bed the Clinique Anti-Blemish Clearing Moisturizer. These help my skin to be protected againt dryness during the day and night.

5// For the tired swollen dark eyes in the morning I use the Kiehl's Eye Alert. Well it doesn't really help I think but it's ok for freshness and under eye make-up. And I do belive it has a placebo effect or else I wouldn't apply it around my eyes every morning.

6+7// So enough about face products let's talk about hair care. Besides of make-up this is probably the beauty area in which I like to try out different products the most because I never have problems with my hair which I hardly can't solve. Since two months I've been using the same. For rinsing I use the Balea Glossy Braun Shampoo to give my hair an extra glint of brown tone. And to smoothen out my dry hair I use the Dove Intensive Repair 1-Minute Cure-Conditioner. I can't think of a better conditioner. It makes my hair feel so soft no matter if I let it dry in the air or even if I blow dry my hair. This wonder-conditioner is like a super-moisturizing-hair-smoothener and always makes me want to touch my hair when it's dry because I never can believe how soft it becomes.

I hope this post can help you a bit trying to find your ideal hair and face care products. Sometimes it's not that easy but it takes time, patience and curiousness finding out what is the best for you and you must be patient in awaiting the results you're hoping for.

Have an inspiring day.

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