Tuesday, October 22, 2013

FASHION: Isabel Marant for H&M

In mid June it became public that the talented french designer Isabel Marant would start a design cooperation with H&M which will be launched on the 14th of November '13. The capsule collection will be sold in over 250 H&M retails. It's the first time for Isabel Marant to bring out a collection which is for men, as well. Her intention by bringing out a collection which is both for the young ladies and for the young men, too, was to make it possible to mix and match clothes from both genders. If a women wants to look more légère she can combine her silky dress with a wide boy friend coat from the men's line to make it all look a bit more casual. And if she just wants to stick to the tight leather pants and the silk blouses, she can do that as well. Isabel Marant's idea of style is to combine different pieces which create an own look all together. In this way the outfit, you wear, doesn't look too forced but relaxed and flamboyant instead but without looking like you're trying to catch somebody's attention.
Isabel Marant was in doubt about confirming a cooperation with H&M but after thinking through the whole idea she made the right decision and is happy about making it possible for her young fans, too, to be able to afford her designs. "The cooperation with H&M made a dream come true for many of her fans" (vogue).
The limited collection is full of heavy kints, booties with fringes, boho-jackets, boyfriend blazers, leather pants and accessories. The designs are from her former collection with tiny changes in them, such as different prints, cuts or fabrics, although some pieces for the capsule collection are also made of the original fabrics from her former collection. Beauties such as Mila Jovovich, Alek Wek and Daria Werbowy are the campaign models looking easy in the campaign video.
There for sure hasn't been an H&M-cooperation which was been longed for so much. I just can't wait to see the whole collection in the store and soon call myself a proud owner of  Isabel Marant's pieces, too.
Read more here about the campaing.

Can't wait to see it!!
Have a nice tuesday, love

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