Wednesday, October 23, 2013

BEAUTY: Autumn's moisturizers

Autumn's come and the temperatures decrease, our skin becomes dry and irritable, so nowadays it's important to always protect our skin against the cold temperatures. Our skin needs to have enough moisture to keep our skin cells nourished with all the substances they need to be able to function   well.Our skin is the biggest organ of our human body and it protects us from our environmental conditions such as heat, cold or irritations. So here I listed some helpful products which will keep your skin moisturized for the coming freezy months.

1. Kiehl's Olive & Avocado Leave-In Oil-In-Cream
Helps dry and damaged hair. Enriched with avocado oil and olive fruit oil to smooth the cuticle. Make the hair more hydrated and elastic and reduces hair breakage up to 85%

2. Kiehl's Ultimate Hand Salve
Keeps you're hands protected against moisture loss by leaving a glove-like protection barrier, enriched with avocado and sesame oil.

3.L:A Bruket Lip Balm
Softening lip balm with pomegranate and coconut scent

4. Aesop-Marimekko Sauna Duet
This duet compromises a body scrub and a body balm which contain essential oil from fire needle, sage leaf and pine needle. Apply twice a week after baths or hot showers.

5. & Other Stories Cotton Care Nainsook Body Oil
A re-hydrating and fast-absorbing body oil with vitamin E and oil from cotton seeds. Fragranced with succulent peach, florals and plum. Use after baths or hot showers.

Keep yourself protected,

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