Tuesday, April 1, 2014

LIFE: How to enjoy Vang Vieng without becoming a Zombie.

If you've never heard of the village Vang Vieng in Laos before then just google it and what you see on google pictures is excactly what you can expect here - A village full of young western backpackers who come here to party, get drunk and do drugs. It's a village where backpackers turn into "Zombies" (drunk, stoned, desoriented foreigner).
But don't neglect the beauty off this place. There are also other things to do here which won't influence your mental psyche through chemical reactions in your body.

- Leave the village centre by motorbike and go climbing at the amazing limestone rocks. Enjoy the nature and work out your physical and mental skills.

- Hang out at one of the riverside restaurants on your lazy day and spend your time watching "Friends". The perfect time killer when I'm homesick and wish I would sit on my couch with my flat mate watching "Friends" with him.

- If you're tired of the non-glamourous backpacker life go to a luxurious resort and ask if you can spend one day at their pool. They will charge 50000 kip (4,5€) for non-guests but you should treat yourself once in a while.


- AJ - 

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