Monday, March 31, 2014

LIFE: How to behave in South East Asia

1. Dress up decent! It can get really hot here but why should you walk around in your bikini or in hot pants and in belly top? If it looks cheap back home it will aswell in Asia.

2. Beerlao, Chang Beer, Tiger Beer... yes, a cold beer can be refreshing. But there's no need to get drunk and then behave disrespectful towards tourists and especially locals.

3. Take off your shoes before you enter somebody's home. This might also be a rule in private guest houses, shops or super markets.

4. Learn patience! There is no need to rush in Asia and don't ever put others under pressure. Just add min. 4 hours time on top of whatever you plan and you've got the right time.

5. Don't touch a monk if you're female. 

6. If you want to take a picture of monks or other locals always ask for their permission.

7. Try to bargain on street markets when you go shopping. It can get hard sometimes bur try to get down to the half price.

8. But don't bargain on food, in shops, travel agencies, hotels etc. !

9. Illegal drugs are cheap and you get them anywhere in the bigger cities without any problems. But keep your HANDS OFF drugs! Why should you eat a "Bob Marley Pizza" or drink a "Mushroom shake"? - It's expensive, it's unreliable, it makes you crazy, IT'S STUPID!

10. Be aware that you're a foreigner. You're a guest in a foreign country so try to integrate yourself and show your interest in the local culture.

11. If you don't want to adjust to living standards in developing countries and you are not interested in their culture or you are only here to party and get drunk then why the hell do you travel?  Better stay at home in your spoiled, rich country!

12. Greet people in your hostel, in the shops, at a restaurant. There's nothing worse than making other peopel you meet think you're a narrow-minded arrogant traveler.


- AJ -

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