Saturday, March 8, 2014

PEOPLE: "The Wolfpack". Nuangshwe, Myanmar

Sorry for putting the focus on the background...
 Max (25), Frederic (25), Sebastian (26), travelers from Heidelberg, Germany

Why did you come to Myanmar?
- We wanted to travel through a country which is becoming more open towards tourism and we wanted to discover a country which partly ist still untouched ground.

Were your expectations of Myanmar fulfilled?
- Well, we didn't expect the people in this country to be so friendly in such an open and helpful way and that traveling through this country would be that easy and procarious.

What were the three best things about Myanmar?
- The kindness of the people, the authenticity of the country due to scanty tourism and the variety of Asian dishes.

What were the three worst things about Myanmar?
- That everything closes at 10 pm, the Burmese pop music and that they mix whiskey with beer.

What do you advise other travelers to do when they visit Myanmar?
- They should definitely take their time discovering the country and they should take part in their culture (e.g. like having a chat and eating their local food).

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
- ... alive.

Thank you!

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