Wednesday, March 12, 2014

LIFE: 10 things you should know before going to Myanmar

taken by the Inle Lake

1. They only accept new, clean and unfolded US dollar bills or Burmese kyat.

2. You can't exchange other currencies in Myanmar except for brand new US dollar bills. So bring enough of those before your arrival.

3. Tourism is new so hostels or dorms aren't common yet. Expect to pay at least 20 US $ for a room if you travel alone.

4. Learn at least these two words - ming-guh-la-ba (hello) and - chay-zu-ting-ba-deh (thank you).

5. You should know how to ride a bicycle if you want to save on transportation.

6. The driver sits on the right and drives on the right. Yes, it makes no sence - but true story.

7. Don't think they spit blood (as I thought they do) when you see red stains on the streets. They chew beetle nuts and spit them out afterwards. I guess it's like Swedish snus but it's supposed to be good for the teeth - well it doesn't seem like.

8. Don't be shy having conversations with locals due to their couriosity since touism and foreigners aren't that common yet.

9. Don't be too distrustful when strangers approach you. Either they just want to talk to foreigners or they want to help you.

10. When drivers hoop at you, you shouldn't feel bothered. This is actually a polite gesture they do to let you be aware of them overtaking you. I know this is weird. But even people on bicycles would do so even if there's massive space between you. 

- AJ -

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