Monday, February 17, 2014

PLACES: Ko Samui - Chaweng

Going from Bangkok to Chaweng, one of the most visited beaches on Ko Samui was more adventurous than I was imagining. It took 17 hours, a tuck tuck, two different buses, a boat, a mini van and a local taxi until we reached the hostel. This is a town for those who need to spoil themselves with cocktails by the beach, food from one of the 12854703 different restaurants and cafes or with a classic thai massage for just 200 THB per hour (which was the best idea after a 17 hour trip!!). Chaweng is a slow place just to feel lazy by the beach. Buy some fresh fruits from the street, grab your towel and spend the early afternoon by the Gulf of Thailand before the midday heat appears. When the sun is going down then head to one of the beach bars and enjoy some drinks while stars slowly appear above you. Yes, this is the best way to spend your day at Chaweng beach.


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