Saturday, February 15, 2014

PLACES: Bangkok - Siam Square and "Demos"

If you want to get out of Bangkok's chaotic street life and you want to discover the upper class society you should spend a day at Siam Square. We took a public boat from Banglamphu near the Golden Mount through a canal straight to Siam Square. The main streets around the big malls (MBK, Siam Center and Central World Palace) were closed for the demostrations. Well, you can't really call them demonstrations. They look more like gatherings of people enjoying the good weather in their tents. There are stands everywhere selling souvenirs and food and all kinds of weird stuff (such as chihuahuas, yes real ones! Glitter iPhone cases and a bunch of fake stuff). Plan a whole day for Siam Square cause the malls are bigger than you expect. And pinch yourself when you are at Siam Center or CWP to be sure you're not dreaming and you're still in Bangkok. I have never seen something that modern except for malls in Las Vegas. It felt like being in year 2030 while the rest of Bangkok is totally delayed. Be well prepared for a culture shock when you visit Bangkok.


this is what they call a demo

looks more like a music festival than a demonstration
this is the coolest public restsroom on earth. Seen at Siam Center

selfie at restroom at Siam Center hihi....

YES, a skating rink in a mall while it's 36 degree C outside!!!

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