Sunday, January 19, 2014

PLACES: Let's do the Sagrada Familia audio guide tour.

Saturday is tourist day. Get a ticket to the Sagrada Familia and have the whole tourist audio guide tour which is such an amazing thing to do on an early Saturday morning.
It is unbelievable to be infront of such a huge cathedral and to know that it is being build since 1882 and yet it is obvious that it won't be finished until 2030 (or maybe even later?). If you're a Gaudi fan or not, it doesn't matter. For anybody who loves extraordinary architecture this is definitely a place you should not miss out when you visit Barcelona. Unfortunately the scaffolds and cranes detracts from the beauty of this work but if you enter the cathedral you don't even notice that it's still under construction.
Once you enter Gaudi's masterpiece you can't keep from sticking your eyes to the breath-taking ceiling full of detailed vaults, windows, mosaic and the act of light beams flowing onto the white surfaces. The huge columns symbolizes tree trunks in a forest and while looking up at the ceiling makes you imagine you're beneath bushy treetops while sunlight creeps between the leaves.
Notice also the colorful windows and all the hidden symbols you can find in every corner. It's so amazing how someone can be so intelligent and create such a detailed example of architecture with having a certain intention hidden behind every detail. When you're there, it feels a bit surreal and unbelievable to realize that this building really exists.
Getting out of the Sagrada Familia and entering the elevator which brings you to the top of one of the towers (approximately 80m) you notice the mixture of antique and modern construction work. It is nice that people invest so much effort on culture to finish a piece of a legendary artist who doesn't live anymore but who had a dream which is now being fulfilled.
Once you enter the top of the tower you can walk through the narrow staircases and look over Barcelona's wonderful big city view through the tiny windows. Don't forget to wear comfy shoes and don't bring a huge handbag if you want to fit into those slender corridors.
It's recommendable to plan enough time for visiting the Sagrada Familia. We spend more than 3 hours there taking our time to really understand the whole architecture and scriptural symbols on the facades.

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