Saturday, January 18, 2014

PLACES: Barcelona - Getting some orientation

Arriving in Barcelona, or generally when arriving in a foreign city, I always ask myself where north, east, south and west is. Where am I? In which district are we now? Cause I love coming back to the same place again without needing a map all the time looking like a stressed tourist. And it makes me feel much more comfortable and not too foreign. I still had some navigation from my first visit to Barcelona so the typical Gaudi experience wasn't such an overwhelming experience (expect for the Sagrada Família which will always look astonishing no matter how often you've been there!) and a lot of places returned to my mind again.
To be geared to such a big city you should know the central located districts and notice the differences. There is nothing better than knowing where you are and where to go and knowing where to invest in your next imaginary holiday flat.
Thanks to my personal tour guide (just kidding - but it's always an advantage knowing someone personally who want to show you around. Thank you again!) I can now say where I mostly enjoy beautiful Barcelona. Here are the central located districts you should get to know before heading to this wonderful city.

Now definitely Barcelona's cultural epicentre, the place of aggressive gentrification. A district which brims with bars and boutiques. Here you should for sure not miss out the mojitos for only 3€ each and don't be intimidated by the mass of Pakistanis trying to sell you drugs or the brash prostitutes trying to go for your money. It's like the Neukölln of Berlin. Attractive for the young generation and not too full of tourists. A great place to enjoy some drinks at night.

Poble Sec
Head to the leafy squares and quiet streets of this charming district for a change of pace after wandering through the Monjuic. Enjoy the residential and laid-back district. Walk though the Carrer de Blai and grab some Pinxtos and a beer.

This is the heartland of modernista architecture and the port of call for Gaudi fans.
Most of the city's gems are located here in this sizable district (which translation is extension in Catalan) such as the Sagrada Famila, Casa Mìla and the Casa Battló. A place for catching a load of modernista culture and a paradise for shopaholics.

Barri Gòtic
A historic core with a warren of medieval lanes encircling the flamboyant cathedral dates back to Roman time. Eat and drink at this multifaceted accumulation of bars, cafés and restaurant. Also keep an eye on the small hidden boutiques.

cute enormous cat in Raval
Catalan flag seen in Raval
Poble Sec
Barri Gòtic

Hope to have awaken your wanderlust,

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