Tuesday, November 26, 2013

LIFE: Know yourself.

It is a gift when you know what to do with your life, when you have had the same dream since youth or childhood. And you know exactly how you want your life to be for the next 30, 40 or 50 years. You have the feeling that there is nothing else on earth that you are supposed to do in your future. You have the feeling that because you are meant to do this or to make your life become like in your dream you have all the control over your life and you want to do everything perfectly. I do agree that this feeling is true which sounds great of course but it has consequences and hints as well. And that is what I figured out again today when I did not fulfill my own aim during an exam.
My biggest dream was, is and will always be to become a good doctor. And there is no one or nothing that can prevent me from making this dream come true, except myself of course. But that luckily has not happened and will for sure never happen since I have had the same picture of how my life should be since my childhood. It is of course great when you have always known what you want to become and how you want your life to be like when you are older, especially if you have always stick to the same goal and you really know THIS IS IT! Figuring this out at an early age (I am now 22) is rare, yes. But it happens. And people envy you but sometimes you wish to be more open and to leave more things to chance like others.
The will to achieve a certain profession or position needs a lot of ambition, hard work and patience. But that definitely is not all. If you put your goals very high then you must accept that while climbing the way to your goal you will also fall very deep. It is dangerous when you will not get enough strength to get up by yourself and climb again getting closer to your goal. It is normal and it will happen more than once. It can be a small step which leads you closer to what you want to achieve which you just cannot get up on. Or it can be a lack of effort getting to the next step. There can be several reasons for this to happen but you should always do the best and as much as you can to achieve step by step. But it is important, too to know yourself very well. If you put your goals to high, you will have a hardship life if you cannot even climb the tiny steps leading to where you want to be. You must know yourself. You must know what you can, how much pressure you can bear and if you can push yourself enough to really get to your goal. And you must be able to do this by yourself and for yourself. There will be family and friends supporting you. But if you do not support yourself then you cannot get to where and who you want to be. Do not struggle and do not force yourself. If you think your life is hard, then do not continue with what you are doing. Cause if you really want to do it, you would not think it is difficult. You would just accept the fact that it requires a lot of work and effort but you would not find it difficult and you would not struggle. You would just DO IT. You would just do it without thinking too much about it and if you cannot make it, you would try again and again until you have reached the next step without losing your ambition. Actually your will and ambition getting to your goal will grow with each step you climb. If this is not the case, well then I am sorry to say that you do not know yourself enough to know what you actually want, what you are doing and for whom or for what sake you are doing it. If it is so then take a break and think over everything again, reflect yourself and ask yourself: Am I doing this for me? Or for someone else? Am I just trying to prove something to others? Do I really want to do all this work to achieve this goal?
I know it is not easy to know exactly what you want and to be sure what is the right thing to do. But I just want to say that you should know yourself and be honest. Do not fool yourself, do not persuade yourself of something you do not really want because you want to prove something. Just be yourself and do what is the best for you. Do never feel forced, struggle or lie to yourself. Do not compare with others. Compare yourself with who you are know and who you want to be. Know your own mistakes, you strength and especially your deficits. Accept that you can't do everything perfectly and that you do mistakes from which you can learn from. Listen to your heart. You are the only one who can control you life.

Be yourself and accept who you are.

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