Monday, October 7, 2013

PLACES: A weekend in Flensburg (out of Berlin)

After five months I finally visited Flensburg again. While visiting this lovely seaport right by the danish border in the north of Germany for my first time I actually didn't expect this town to be so beautiful. With a population of only 90,000 this is a great place to spend your weekends when you're tired of the big cities (like Berlin). I had a long weekend (4 days) which is luxurious for me since I've started working and studying at the same time so for that reason I took the opportunity to get out of the big city jungle and calm down for a while spending time with a special someone enjoying the harbor and the togetherness being lazy all weekend long. Friday afternoon we spend time brunching at the historical harbor eating the most delicious "Fischbr├Âtchen" (Sandwich with fresh fish, bread and veggies) and drinking one of my favorite German beers "Flensburger Radler"(well north german beer which is 50/50 beer and soda that mostly women drink it cause men think it's not manly enough).
The next day I got to see the farmer's market which takes place every Saturday and I think Wednesdays or Tuesdays, as well. It's located in the center of Flensburg on the market square. Well you actually can't miss it cause the town is not that huge that you would get lost (which I sometimes really enjoy due to constantly using Google maps when I'm home in Berlin). It's a great place to buy your fresh groceries. But I recommend you to do your shopping in the early afternoon when the vendors reduce their prices to almost 50 percent. So that's of course what we did!
So Saturday evening was cooking time. Well more precisely it was pizza and visitor's time. Having some visitors coming over and creating a freshly prepared and self made pizza dinner for four (without candle light). Couldn't decide to have either white or red wine so we just decided to get both.
The days definitely went by waaay to fast and I'm now back in my busy Berlin. It was like having a short holiday trip which is needed once in a while. Next weekend I will be going to L├╝beck which is an other town in north Germany by the water as well. You'll hear from me by then or maybe earlier, I'll see.
But so far I wish you a great start of the week and enjoy reading.


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