Wednesday, October 30, 2013

BEAUTY: Don't stop untill it's soft - hair care

Getting your hair the structure you want it to be is not always as easy as you hope. You might have to try out different products until you find the right ones for your hair. And that's what I did and after more than a year (yes, more than a year!) until I found the right ones. I'm now finally 100% satisfied with my length. I used to have a very tomboyish hair cut with bangs. After graduating from school I needed a change and cut my hair by myself one morning feeling frustrated looking in the mirror in the bathroom. So I cut them until they almost reached my shoulder. They were so short, I couldn't even wear a pony tail. I never had hair so short, they've always been long and have always doing their own party without me until I finally figured out how to control them with the right products. I now just let my hair grow long and I don't really have a specific hair cut. I prefer having hair looking natural, so I never curl or straighten them. My hair is really wavy, but I like it being so because you don't have to brush it all the time and you don't have problems after waking up with a flowing mane cause that's just how they are. And I like it. But I've been struggling with dryness. This has always been my big hair problem. I mainly focus on conditioning and after-shower hair care. I try to keep my hair as natural as it is focusing on softness. 

For washing I use the Balea Glossy Brown Shampoo. It's like one of the cheapest drugsore shampoos you can get. I prefer not spending too much money on shampoos cause it's something you use a lot and I don't need something special as long as it just cleans my hair and smells good I'm fine. To take care of the softness the right conditioner comes into play. I recommend the Dove Intensive Repair 1-Minute-Cure-Conditioner. This is like magic. Well it's also more effective than standard conditioners. It's more like an everyday deep-conditioner. With this you don't need to do weekly hair treatments or something like that. 
So these two products are what I use under the shower. I wash my hair about every 2nd to 3rd day to prevent them from getting oily to fast.
When I take a shower at night before going to bed I don't blow dry my hair. I just go to sleep with wet hair and wake up with natural wavy curls which I like my hair to be. But when I'm in a hurry in the morning I of course have to blow dry them and for protecting them from getting too dry I spray the Dove Intensive Repair Disentangling Care Spray into my hair before brushing it (I also use it when I air dry my hair, actually after every hair wash). It helps disentangling it and keeps my hair protected from dryness especially while and after blow drying it.
And voilĂ , there's the soft flowing mane.

Have a hairy day.

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