Thursday, October 24, 2013

PHOTO: Lola Guerrera - Nebula Humilis

The photographic series "Nebula Humilis" by the Spanish photographer Lola Guerrera immediately distracted me by the natural background and the contrasting colors.
It was taken in the Mexican desert and shows artificial colored clouds dissolving in the air in natural scenes. Her intention was to symbolize the exploitation of our natural sources through the world-wide society of materialsm, especially focused on the Mexican desert in which Lola Guerrer took these thrilling photos.
The artificial colors seem to show the human power trying to take over nature. This inattentive human behavior misleads to the result of nature's anger about the society's sustainability which is shown as an explosion of the colors. The vast nature scene in the background contrasts to the conspicuous bright colors. The sandy deserts and the enormous rocks overtake the color dust and indicates the strength of nature surmounting human's forces.
Today's art which symbolizes current environmental, political and economical problems are interpretable in many different ways which makes it interesting to explore and to refer it to several subject.
Enjoy discovering and always stay creative!


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