Monday, February 11, 2013

& Other Stories

COS as sister company of the Swedish label H & M isn't enough. No, another sister has to bee born suggested the H & M-manager Samuel Fernström who has been working on the label Other Stories since 2010. And soon the day will come when little sister & Other Stories will open the doors of the stores in Europe's seven fashion metropolises London, Berlin, Stockholm, Paris, Barcelona, Milan and Copenhagen. The store openings are planned to be this Spring, approximately in May.
According to Vogue's German January Issue '13 the style of Other Stories will be a mix of both bohémian and minimalistic. More valuable in quality than COS but as low priced as H & M.
The first showrooms have been opened to give a first view of the SS '13 collection.
Well, I guess not only I am excited to see the first collection but also you. I wonder if  Other Stories and COS will be competing due to similar clientele.
But beside casual women's ready-to-wear  Other Stories will also bring out a variety of beauty product, accessories and shoes which in turn will differentiate Other Stories from some of the regular women's fashion stores. As far as I've seen, Topshop is the one low priced fashion label which also concentrates on beauty products. I just hope Other Stories won't set the focus only on clothes but will instead find a balance between fashion and beauty. We will see...

Check out the stores soon,

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