Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy belated New Year!

 Ha ha... yes, it's sunday. It's the 6th of january. And YES New Year's eve is almost a week ago. So what?! Happy New Year! This year, pardon, last year all I wanted was a quiet New Year's eve with my closest friends. No huge party, not too many people and no pressure in having THE party. It turned out to be the nicest 31st of december I ever had. I had my best friend who is luckily my room mate too and my best former school friends invited to Berlin over New Year's eve. It was kind of traditional: brunch, movie, nap^^, coffee and "Berliner" or as the Berliner say "Pfannkuchen", dinner, a walk to the Victoria park, champagne at midnight, party untill late at night, bed time.
It was perfect. And I'm so glad to have had my best friends at my place. Thank you so much for coming over although it took a bit time due to the long distances between us all. But we have to get used to not seeing each other so often anymore. We're turning into grown-ups and a lot of things are changing in the way we don't want things to change. But we know we have to go our own ways now. So thank you for spending the last day of 2012 with me. And I hope we'll stay in touch.
Happy New Year!

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