Friday, September 23, 2011

Music - Cvrbrthrs

Yesterday night while stuggling to fall a sleep I discovered these talented Youtubers who make to best and most creative covers and their videos are funny, too.
I'm talking about the CvrBrthrs (Cover Brothers) who are Andre K. Lai and Michael from Montreal, Canada. They cover different song, mostly from the genres Indie, Pop and Indietronic. These asian looking guys play a bunch of wacky instruments and produce beautyful sounds e.g. with chopsticks and bowl, glasses filled with water or with their old toy instrument and combine them with drums, guitar or piano notes which make it sound really professional. By using an adio editor they mix the sounds on the pc and add a nice, creative video to their uploaded songs.
My favourite ist definitely Gatekeeper by Feist.

Enjoy and check out their music on :

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