Thursday, September 29, 2011

Architecture: Weekday's new store design

Gonzales Haas Aas, Pierre Jorge Gonzalez and Judith Haase, is an architecture duo located in Berlin who first met eachother in New York while working with the legendary Robert Wilson.
One of their new projects is the new design of the Weekday store in Neue Schönhauser Straße, Berlin. The store concept is both functional and contemporary and is about assembling elements and not about expensive handcraft furniture but low-cost materials. A new element are big high-tech LED screens which are the only colorful ones in the new Weekday store design. The idea of these screens was influenced by the LED screens on airpots which are used to communicate information about the arrival, departure, gate nr., etc. The screens will define zones from different brands and a piece created by Frédéric Teschner, a graphic designer based in Paris who was invited by the architecture duo and and Weekday themselves to not forget the importance of culture which is an essential part of the concept.
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