Thursday, May 8, 2014

PLACES: Killing Fields and Prison S-21 - Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Missing out the Killing Fields and the Prison S-21 when coming to Cambodia is a shame because nothing else in Cambodia has deserved as many visitors as these places which make us conscious about what happened in Cambodia's terrible history during the authority of the Red army in the late 70s. I know these pictures are terrible but I actually even chose the most harmless ones. I kept away all pictures I took in the Prison S-21 because these were too horrible to show on my blog. You should better just go there and make your own impression of these memorial places.
The best way to go to the Killing Fields which is a bit out of town is by tuk tuk. You can share it with others and pay around 13$ for the whole day. The driver will pick you up at your hostel, bring you to the Killing Fields, to the Prison S-21 and back to your hostel. Use the amazing audio guide at the Killing Fields to understand the history better and watch a documentary at the end. If you already had enough of Cambodia's history then you should maybe skip the Prison S-21 because this is even more terrifying than the Killing Fields. But it's easier to imagine how horrible the days were that time if you visit both places.
And if you still didn't get enough then you should go to the Flicks Community Movie House and watch Oscar-winner "The Killing Fields" by Roland JoffĂ©.


- Killing Fields on Wikipedia
the Flicks Community Movie House

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