Saturday, May 17, 2014

DESIGN: Bi.cycle.up coffee & bar - Da Lat, Vietnam

This is really a special place in Da Lat, Vietnam which you shouldn't miss out. Da Lat (population: 188,500) is a town in the highlands of south Vietnam with a lovely influence by the French who brought the coffee culture to Vietnam which has now become the second largest coffee exporter next to Brazil. Da Lat is surrounded by coffee plantations and so is the town full of wonderful coffee shops. If you want to try the amazing local coffee beans you should visit my favorite coffee shop on this entire planet called "Bi.cycle.up".
Bi.cycle.up was opened 1,5 years ago by Indy and Bi who discovered this hidden shop. This lovely Vietnamese couple decided to open Bi.cycle.up after having asked by their friends why they don't open a coffee shop. So that's exactly what they did. Bi studied architecture and Indy studied business so they have the best combination together to open up a coffee shop. They love to recycle old material such as vintage furniture, old LPs, books, bicycles or an old bathtub. They use the local coffee from the nearby coffee plantations and also sell smoothies made of fresh local fruits from the market. Try their delicious hot chocolate and if you're lucky they will also have banana cake sometimes.
The name Bi.cycle.up comes from Bi's name and cycle because they like to recycle and up stands for uprising, like the sun. They like bicycles so they combined the words together to Bi.cycle.up.

Bi.cycle.up coffee & bar
82 Truong Cong Dinh
Da Lat


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