Tuesday, March 25, 2014

LIFE: Back from blogging pause - Lack of privacy while traveling

Le Book d'Art is back from the blogging pause.
I didn't mean to neglect blogging but traveling alone can be more exhausting than I expected. I don't want to use Le Book d'Art as a self presentation. This is a blogazine for those who need personal information about traveling rather than information from commercial travel magazines. But 10 days have now passed by since my last entry and these 10 days have been the most intensive period in SEA so far. I thought Myanmar would be mentally tough. But since I arrived in Chiang Mai, Thailand I haven't had a single hour of privacy except for the minutes I spent in the rest room, under the shower or in bed sleeping. And now I've already crossed the border to Laos and the privacy-problem didn't change due to spending two days on a boat full of travelers and sharing rooms with minimum 5 others. As soon as I wake up there has always been someone beside you who want to talk, explore or eat with you. Of course the best of traveling alone is that you get to meet so many different people and you gain many good friendships and experiences. You even get to know yourself better. But once in a while it's normal to crave for a bit privacy. It can be difficult though while budget-traveling because you want to get the cheapest bed which is mostly in a dorm of minimum 6 other beds where you automatically start chatting with your room mates. You want to discover as much as possible and meet as many travelers as possible but when neglecting your privacy for a long time you notice your mood turns negative and that's the time when your mind quits but your body want to go on having action. So once in a while you should spend some time on your own. Because even back home you're not always surrounded by people 24/7. Everyday I had to adjust to new personalities and once I got used to be surrounded by nice travelers it's already time to say good bye. It's a mix of emotions and impressions everyday and that can really exhaust your mind.
But Le Book d'Art is now back again, reloaded with privacy and ready to explore again!!

Keep cool.

- AJ -

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