Tuesday, March 25, 2014

FOOD: Night market and food again! - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Oooh I know this is ridiculous but it's just a really weird habit of mine. I love taking pictures of food. That's probably also a reason why I really liked the cooking course as you might have noticed on the tons of close-up food pictures. But I like to share all these tempting pictures with you to make you want to come to Asia just to experience the variety of tastes and dishes which sometimes can blow your mind away! But if you plan to come here and stuff yourself with all of these yummy dishes you should also think of doing some sport activities like rock climbing, trekking or cycling. You don't want to look like a fat ugly tourist haha.

- AJ -

tom kha kai
pork sausage

fruit salad

turkish pizza, isn't that weird
rice cake

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