Friday, January 10, 2014

PLACES: Packing for a weekend trip to Barcelona

Packing for just a weekend is so easy. I am leaving for Barcelona in few hours and will come back to Berlin on Monday evening. So packing for just three days is no problem. I have only my camera and my cabin bag as one hand carry. And yet my cabin bag is only half full. So that it is an easy peasy piece of baggage. Packed just three casual outfits for museum trips, having a walk, cinema, eating or whatever we are going to to during day time. And for the parties (You really miss something if you are in Barcelona and you don't go partying - it's a MUST!) I've packed some thin shirts, a pair of skinny jeans and additional to my flats some heeled booties, as well.
For my beauty essentials I've got these practical transparent bags from MUJI which are perfect for hand carry (see below). For going out I've got my little ZARA leather handbag. It's not too big for going out, so it can be used for both day and night-time going-outs. It has just enough space for my little travel guide, a wallet and some chap sticks and hand creme. What else do you need?

Have a nice weekend,

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