Sunday, December 29, 2013

BEAUTY: December's Beauty Buy

Deep Sleep Pillow Spray -  // Perfect Skin Super Moisture - This Works // BB Crème Au Ginseng - Eborian // What's Your Type Mascara - The Balm // Khadi Classic Soap - & Other Stories // Rose Magic Soap - Dr. Bronner

Time to spend more time with beauty picks and pampering again after having an exhausting December full of travel planning, massive hospital work, part-time jobbing and studying.
Having little time makes your few hours of sleep so valuable that no one, really NO ONE should disturb you at night and you want the most enjoyable six hours of sleep to be deep and the best hours of the day to catch enough energy to start a new day without looking to tired.   
So grab the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray by This Works, spray it onto your bedding before tugging into bed and let the lavendel oils and camomile bring you to sleep and calm you down. It will help you to forget all the stress of the day and to make you fall asleep easier.
Before going to bed gently clean your hands with the Khadi Classic Soap by & Other Stories's Cotton Care series and then clean off you make-up with the Dr. Bronner Magic Rose Soap.
When waking up the next morning treat your face with the Eborian BB Crème Au Ginseng and give your skin moisture and a velvet texture. Cover you tiredness with a lot of mascara to make you eyes look awake. For this I use the What's Your Type Mascara by The Balm. And you'll look like awakening from a ten-hour beauty sleep. Et voila!

 Have a beautiful day,

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