Thursday, November 14, 2013

LIFE: Learn from mistakes.

.... well, sometimes it's not that easy.

There are things which we love doing. But sometimes not all of these things are fun but still we do it again and again. And instead of listening to our rationality we just think of having fun which leads us to disappointment and anger. And at the end we regret what we've done which is wrong for my opinion. We shouldn't regret things we've done which didn't lead to the result we were expecting but instead we should learn from our mistakes and improve what we do later on. But there are moments in which we don't think in this way. Of course it's not possible to act upon sanity all the time. We make decisions out of our heart. Which is good cause that's what makes us emotional humans.
We always hope of something to happen and do certain actions for these to occur. Even if one bad sign appears and we loose hope for a while we don't give up and continue as if everything will just be o.k. again. Everyone has done things which they wish they would have done differently or wouldn't have done at all. Some of my mistakes were repeated several times until I got hurt enough to finally understand that it's not always wise to listen to my heart  (or better say someone else's heart). Some situations can hurt you so bad that you lose your emotions when making a decision concerning a particular person and you can't do anything else than being aware of your own secure even though you probably would have thought differently just a few days ago. There are many aggravating surprises turning up in life which we just have to deal with. But most of all we have to learn out of these. Being hurt by someone e.g. should teach you how to think more about yourself and your feelings. It makes you realize that you've deserved better and it makes you think more about the other persons character in detail which negative sides for sure didn't strike you because you were probably in an emotional ingenuousness. But thinking about the mistake doesn't help at all. Why even call it a mistake? Cause you haven't done something wrong or else you would feel the guilt which you don't cause that's what the person should feel who hurt you. It's not a mistake. It's a lesson. It's an experience which you have to go through to make things easier in future. It's a part of growing up, becoming mature and more confident. So thank you, particular someone, for making me stronger and more confident. Just imagine what this person has lost by doing a stupid thing which can definitely be called a mistake. There are some many other great things to happen out there if you just take more care of yourself and do never let others hurt you before you hurt them.

Be nice to yourself,

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