Sunday, June 23, 2013

Oh how I love Sundays!

 Just by thinking of Sunday makes me feel relaxed. The past weeks have been full of too much work. For sure you know that feeling when you wake up on a Monday morning and the first you think of is how nice it would be if it was Sunday morning again and you could stay in bed the whole morning with a hot cup of tea. Well, that's how I was feeling like the past 3 weeks. I've got one week more full of work until it's my time, too to enjoy my holiday or let's better call it three less stressful weeks with not so much work. While roaming around my flat today having nothing to do than lying in bed with my laptop I found this wonderful song of the danish duo "Quadron". Check out more of their songs!

Besides of that I was cleaning my hard disk deleting a bunch of useless stuff on my laptop and found these very inspirating pictures of a Madewell collection I can't remember anymore. But I think the're really nice and I love the color combination and dicided to keep these pictures as a great outfit inspiration.

Have a relaxing Sunday!

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