Sunday, March 10, 2013

Visiting Vienna

Monday, March, 8th 2013, 5 pm – Crossing the Czech/Austrian border I list down Austria as country number 14 on my imaginary „list of countries I’ve been to“
After a 9,5 hours train ride from Berlin to Vienna plus 30 minutes in the tube I finally reached my destination. Austria – country number 14. O.K. I do admit I’m a tiny bit proud of it. But anyways back to the topic. After one year of volunteer work it’s been time for holiday. And no, I do not spend my holidays being lazy in bed or traveling to beaches and all-inclusive hotels. No, that’s not me. After San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas (2010), Liverpool (2011) and London (2012) it’s been time to visit another metro-pole. This time it’s Vienna plus my friend Florentine who I graduated with in L├╝beck. After having her by at my place in Berlin I thought it would be fair from me to visit her this time. And I’m glad I did so. Unfortunately we didn’t get to do much stuff together but it was still worth traveling.
Visiting friends in their own apartments for the first time gives you the opportunity to meet them from another side. No parent’s home, no more meeting in cafes for hours. Instead you get to know their way of living, their atmosphere in their homes and their daily schedules and duties.

Definitely a place to visit!

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