Wednesday, February 20, 2013

On my wish list

Yes, of course every girl has a wish list. Some monthly, other weekly, spoiled ones daily! After having a great week so far, well besides my colds which I won't get rid of for days, I had an interview for the paramedic apprenticeship at the Red Cross which I was craving for and immediately got accepted. Oh it's such a great feeling knowing what's going on with your life in the next two years. No more head breaking nights, no more worries and no more confusion. And a step closer to med uni! 
I had an other interview today, too. But I want to keep it as a surprise, so I'll tell you  more next week if everything goes well.

After having such a great day, I've been thinking of what to treat myself with next time after accomplishing a next tiny life changing step.
Good mood kinds of keep me inspired....
duffle coat - asos // nail polish - YSL // purse - acne // mat lip stick (shade 201) - YSL // filler - Kaweco

An other good mood maker is the band HAIM - three cool sisters from LA.

Have a nice evening!

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