Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blog: Tonstudio17

This is probably more something for my German readers. Or also just for people who like reading, speaking German or looking at German words. Well it's definitely something for people who like listening to both old-fashioned and new-fashioned music.
This is Tonstudio17, a music blog by a guy from Berlin who loves listening to music from generations which were long before his own birth. But I think a lot of young people now a days are a tiny bit influenced by dad's or mom's music taste.
I haven't been surfing through many music blogs yet, but it's definitely my first time to find a blog which luckily doesn't only show all of these "new-comer-after-one-hit-never-again-comer" hipster bands which all look a like and all sound a like.
But of course, what is a music blog without new-comers. But the fun of comparing the oldies with today's music is unfortunately fading away slowly. Thanks to Tonstudio17 which reminds us that everything new develops out of something old.
So if you are craving for new records and if you're wondering what they sound like, follow out Tonstudio17 and you'll find it out.

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