Sunday, January 20, 2013

Material mix part I

There has been a lot of shopping and money spending in the last few weeks. Ignoring winter sale hasn't been as easy as I was imagining. But whatever, I love my new discoveries. Mixing materials and styles such as sporty with elegance has been a lot of fun. It's amazing how inspired I got in the last 9 days not working in the hospital wearing ugly scrubs. I feel a huge difference in my styling whether I'm at work or not.

It's not really t-shirt weather at the moment but I've never seen such a simple but yet special t-shirt. This silicone print t-shirt was found at COS in Friedrichstraße, Berlin. So simple but the silicone printed-on stripes makes it looks special. Great to combine with skinny black waxed jeans (tried it out in the changing romm).
The sneakers are from the newest Nike free collection. These are the Nike free run +3 in a kind of light blue/grey with highlights of a bright fire pink (that's how I would call it). For running in the park or in the woods, these trainers are perfect due to the the flexible sole, the light reflecting material and waterproof surface which keeps mud of the shoes. Just take a wet cloth and wipe the dirt of.
It's been pretty cold (-11 to -3°C !!) here in Berlin so looking for a warm pullover which is both elegant AND warn without looking like a chubby kid, I coincidental found this really soft angora pullover at Massimo Dutti in Friedrichstraße, Berlin with the intention of looking for a proper winter coat (which I found at Massimo Dutti, too). Check it our here.
Ok, so this aren't really proper winter shoes, I know. I found these in my home town visiting my parents and looking for warm winter boots (which I of course didn't find.) But instead I ran into these fancy slippers, perfect for up coming spring season. They aren't really comfy (yet). But I love glitter, so I couldn't go home without them.
Now to the accessories: While foraging for some more useless stuff I ran into COS in Friedrichstraße. And fell in LOVE with this sleek-looking teardrop ring colored in fresh green from the inside and this suede shoulder bag.

Nike free run +3 - 120 €
silicone print t-shirt from COS - 20 €
pullover from Massimo Dutti - 25€
glitter slippers from Zara - 20 €
teardrop ring from COS - 5 €
suede shoulder bag from COS - 40 €

Ok, so this was just a part of my recent shopping events, but as soon as I'll find some time, I'll continue with the rest of the stuff and show you different combinations, too.

Enjoy your sunday evening! What are your plans? - My room mate and I are going out for dinner. Sometimes it's nice to eat outside and especially spend some time with your room mate apart of our flat, just to get the feeling back that you are more than just room mates.


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