Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Card Time

 Tomorrow it's already December and there're only 24 days left until Christmas. Woow, it's makes me so exicited. I've finially got a day off from work which I urgently needed. Working 10 hours a day, 6 days a week really makes you mad sometimes. So today I used my day to practice the piano and to prepare little x-mas goodies for my best friends. I just finished doing the packaging of the presents which I have to mail my friends and right now I'm working on their Christmas cards. Aren't they pretty? I just used a bunch of old magazines, and papers. When I need to write cards I never buy them!! I think that's so unpersonal so I prefer making them myself. It's much nicer recieving a self-made greeting card no matter if  it's ugly or not, it's far better than just getting one at the next shop you find.

I hardly recommend to drink marzipan tea during cold winter days to keep you warm and cozy. I love this flavour and the sweet smell making you feel warm while making Christmas cards.

 Warm greetings to all of you winter lovers!

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