Monday, August 1, 2011

Yohji Yamamoto + Adidas = Y-3

"The "Y" stands for the designer Yohji Yamamoto, the "3" represents Adidas 3 signature stripes and the "-" signifies the bond between the two"
Since 2002, Y-3 has pushed the boundaries of fashion and sport, exploring an intriguing intersection between style and athleticism and initiating new dialogues between the people on the runway and the players on the field.
 Fushing the avant-garde aesthetic of renowned Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto with the breakthrough technologies of Adidas, Y-3 has defined an entirely new category within fashion, composed of equal parts luxury, style, wit, craftsmenship, and forward-thinking design.

Each seson, Y-3 delivers a view on sportswear that is startingly modern wholly unexpected, yet completely contemporary and of the moment.
With each collection, the renegade aesthetic of Yamamoto takes shape in the innovative fabrics and articulations of Adidas, telling a kinetic narrative of futuristic sport style. In September of 2003, the Y-3 experience became articulated in the brand's first freestanding flagship boutique, located in Tokyo, Yamamoto's hometown. In 2007, additional retail stores followed in Beijing, Paris, and Miami. Then the brand turened to New York in 2008, opening a flagship on W. 13th Street in February, and another in Soho in September. In 2009, Y-3 expanded with stores in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Singapore. In 2010, Y-3 opened its first Dubai flagship at 1111 Lincols Road, a retail and residential structure on South Beach designed by Herzog & de Meuron.
2011 will see the opening of additional Y-3 stores in major cities in the US, Asia, and Europe, which began with a London flagship opening last spring. Y-3's collection of men's and women's apparel, footwear, and accessoires continues to evolve, always evoking both the innovation of Adidas and the signature style of Yohji Yamamoto.

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